Tequila Vs Mezcal


For a very long time there has been a long drawn battle between lovers of Mexican liquor: The Battle of Tequila vs. Mezcal. For many the first obvious choice is Tequila, but only because Mezcal isn’t as popularized and well known as Tequila is. But we warn you, don’t underestimate the more underground power of Mezcal! That’s why we’re here to explain to you the differences between both, so next time when you come to any of our two restaurant locations in Midtown or Southpark you can make an informed decision about your choice drink and become a Mexican liquor connoisseur with us!

Let’s talk about Tequila first because, as we mentioned earlier, it’s much more popular and well known. Besides, it’s the most representative drink from Mexico in the eyes of the world. How can you think of Mexico and not think of Tequila?!


So first of all, can you guess what Mexico and France have in common? It’s quite a tricky question! At first glance you might think they’re complete worlds apart and have nothing in common, but that’s not true. They do hold one core similarity: Champagne can only be Champagne if it comes from or around a place called Champagne in France, otherwise it’s just sparkling wine, in the case of Tequila it’s only truly Tequila if it comes from or around Tequila, Mexico, specifically the state of Jalisco and certain places in Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tamaulipas that border Jalisco. The importance of this similarity is to show the true exclusivity of Tequila, because it comes only from there and nowhere else in the world. The next requisite for Tequila to truly be Tequila is also important, because it can only be considered Tequila if at least 51% of its sugars come from agave, however the purest Tequilas are made 100% of agave. Agave is what becomes that Tequila we all love so much, it’s a succulent plant with a large rosette of thick, fleshy leaves that end in a sharp point and have a spiny margin. Specifically, Tequila is made of an agave called Blue Agave and these plants are harvested, fermented and distilled to become that strong Mexican liquor we all love! If you’re all for Tequila come join us every Friday at 1900 Mexican Grill where we have Tequila Testing, you can try a Tequila Reposado (rested and aged), a Tequila Añejo (aged for over a year) and a Tequila Silver (the purest form of Blue Agave) for just $15!

Mezcal is similar to tequila but it doesn’t come from Blue Agave, but from the maguey plant which is form of agave. Specifically the maguey species that’s called “espadín” or little sword. Actually, the word mescal just means “over-cooked agave”, it’s a little more complicated than that though! Also, like Tequila, Agave come from a specific place in Mexico: Oaxaca. There’s a common saying in Mexico that comes from Oaxaca that says “for every bad thing, Mezcal, and for every good thing too.” We agree with that! Nowadays, Mezcal is still made in the traditional way it was 200 years ago during the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. Various fruits and herbs are added during the fermentation period creating a variety of flavors and types of Mezcal. That’s why here in 1900 Mexican grill we have one of the biggest collections of Mezcal in all North Carolina!

So what’s your favorite? Are you Team Tequila or a Mezcal Lover? Come try them out with us!

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