When the Garcia Family decided to open the doors of their restaurant, 1900 Mexican grill, over 10 years ago in the city of Charlotte they never imagined that bringing the flavors of their hometown in Mexico and offering a similar ambiance to what is lived and breathed in the cities, plazas, and corners of Mexico D.F. was going to be challenge and a passion that they would end up sharing and involving all the members of their Family.

1900 Mexican Grill

From the moment you walk in through the door of any of our restaurants you will be able to tell that we aren’t like any other Mexican restaurant in the city. Tequila 1900 has been designed and thought to give our clients a true experience of flavors and smells that transport you to the cities, plazas, and taquerias of Mexico City without leaving Charlotte. All of our decor and dining concept are a result of years of work from all the members of our team.

10 years after Tequila 1900 opened its doors for the first to the public in the Queen City, We have two great locations. The first location is in Elizabeth Avenue, just minutes from the Heart of Charlotte in a neighborhood that is known for its cultural, young, and urban atmosphere. The second location is in Park Road minutes from one of the biggest shopping centers of the city, South Park Mall, in one of the most exclusive and traditional areas of Charlotte.